2.4 inch TFT LCD display module with drive board, GD24TWD-GTT24P123

GD24TWD-GTT24P123 VER:3.00 Color Digital TFT LCD Module is comprised by driver board GD24TWD VER:3.00 and TFT LCD Display GTT24P123. The LCD module supports CVBS signal input, NTSC and PAL formats which two formats applies to auto identification.

3.5 inch 320x240 Video input TFT LCD panel, GDN-D43AT-GTT035KDH03

This 3.5 inch 240x320 color TFT-LCD module display, video & VGA driver board, can be used in any embedded systems, industrial device, security and hand-held equipment which require display in high quality and colorful video.
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